• Simply call us and speak to our client on-boarding officer.

    We present you with various service plans that are fit for your business or create a new custom plan, tailored specific for your need

  • Once on board, we start implementing your new cloud accounting system.

    We ensure all prior information is migrated completely and accurately into your new systems. You are coached on various apps, suitable for your business.

  • Your monthly accounting services based on your plan begin

    Never again would you have to worry about chasing hard copies of receipts and invoices. Giving you latest and real time information about your business at the touch of your fingertips.

  • We run periodic financial health checkups for your business based on your plan.

    This ensures you are on the path to reach your business goals. We employ tools which translates your accounting data into accounting intelligence. A number of key metrics critical for evaluating the success of business performance are tracked and managed.

  • At period end meaningful and complete financial statements are compiled.

    Your corporate and personal tax returns are filled. Based on the service plan you choose we will advise you on tax planning opportunities.

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